Section 21 Evictions On The Rise – But Is Yours Valid?

It’s been estimated that hundreds of families a week lose their homes to Section 21 Eviction Notices.

A recent article by The Guardian has revealed that 216 households are evicted every week through the use of a Section 21 Eviction Notice. The ‘no-fault eviction’ can be instated by a private landlord for no reason at all and forces the occupants to leave their homes within the space of two months. Due to rising rental prices, administrative fees and hefty deposits these eviction notices can easily make a family homeless.

Section 21 Eviction Notices were originally instigated in a bid to encourage investors and lenders to enter the private rented sector, however critics of the system claim that they give far too much power to the landlord and put private tenants in an increasingly vulnerable position. 63% of tenancies in 2017 were ended by landlords who wanted to sell or use their properties, however with housing benefits frozen until 2020 and the cost of moving into a rental accommodation higher than it has ever been, private tenants can easily be thrust into a difficult position, putting them at the whims of their landlords. Worse of all, despite changes to the way Section 21 Eviction Notices work, they are often used by landlords as a retaliatory action to a tenant complaining about living conditions or contacting the council.

‘Revenge evictions’ were outlawed on the 1st October 2015, however only tenants who signed their agreements after this date are protected, leaving thousands more in a position of vulnerability. A Section 21 Eviction Notice can be issued to a tenant at any time and causes a huge amount of stress, however there are ways to fight them. Thanks to recent changes in the law there are a number of ways that a Section 21 Eviction Notice can be rendered invalid. If your landlord is attempting to evict you then we may be able to help you out.

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