Advice for Tenants

We offer open, impartial advice to private and social housing tenants in regards to all kinds of disputes and issues.

By renting a home you start a legal relationship between yourself and the landlord. You both have responsibilities to fulfil.

Your Responsibilities:

  • To pay your rent on time
  • To keep your home tidy and clean

Your Landlord’s Responsibilities:

  • To make repairs to your home so that it is safe to live in
  • To keep exterior paintwork and drains in good condition
  • To maintain bathroom, kitchen and heating fittings
  • To not harass or bother you by dropping in unannounced

Disputes aren’t always about disrepair, the common disputes that we are called to resolve include:

  • Landlords abusing tenants
  • Landlords refusing to return deposits, or not putting them in a deposit scheme
  • Landlords discriminating against tenants based on disability, race or sexual orientation.
  • Landlords denying that they have received rent
  • Landlords blaming tenants for damage that is not their fault

Regardless of what your problem is, we’ll try our best to find you an answer and offer you legal help.