We are here to assist tenants who are suffering with landlord negligence

We are a team of legal professionals based in Liverpool who specialise in helping tenants understand their rights, so that they can improve their living conditions and claim compensation against irresponsible landlords. We also help tenants reclaim their deposits and offer aid to those issued with a Section 21 Eviction Notice.

If you have been negatively impacted by a bad landlord then we can help you – send us a message using the contact form below, or give us a call today.

News & Tips

1 in 7 Social Homes Don’t Meet The Decent Homes Standard

The state of the nation’s social housing is under heavy scrutiny. In the wake of the Grenfell Tower fire, councils across the country are...

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Damp, Leaks & Damage Lead To Nearly 11,000 Claims

Excessive damp, leaks and structural damage can create a serious health and safety risk in your home. Despite the numbers of ‘non-decent’ homes dropping...

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Living With Damp Can Seriously Affect Your Health

According to the NHS, you are more likely to have respiratory problems if you live in a home with damp. Damp and mould produces...

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Success Stories

Sahara’s Battle For A Damp-Free Home

Mum-of-four Sahara came to us for help after being left frustrated by back and forth discussions with Birmingham City Council. Sahara had been living...

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